Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Use High Quality Paints

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While it is nice to find ways to save money as much as possible, there are really some things in which quality should be the top priority instead of a lower price. One of those is the paint, where you cannot risk the quality in exchange for a cheap price. The better the quality of paint, the higher will be the cost. While a lot of people choose to settle to low quality yet affordable paint, it is imperative that you know these top reasons why higher quality paint is extremely worth your money:

High Quality Paints

1.  Much Easier Application

High quality paints come with better leveling, which is why they tend to go on evenly. In addition, even the roller marks and brush tend to flow out very well and become unnoticeable no matter what the surface is.

2. Resistance to Spatter

During application, top quality paints do not usually spatter flecks of paint, which is why this is the most ideal option.

3. Strong Ability to Conceal

Premium quality paints can often hide the wall’s original colors including its imperfections in just a few coats, saving you more money and time from needing to apply more layer coats of paint.

4. Capability to Touch Up

If you use high quality paint, touch ups can be unnoticeably and easily done compared to the complexity you have to go through when you choose to use lower quality paints.

5. Resistance to Stain

Higher quality paints usually have better dirt and grime resistance, keeping the dirt from sinking in and preventing it to set deep in the coating, which makes it much easier to clean.

6. Scrub resistance

Premium quality paints are much tougher and can often withstand scrubbing process without the coating being damaged.

7. Imprint Resistance

Windowsills, shelves, as well as other face up surfaces can often gather prints especially when other objects are placed on them. Hence, this common problem to low quality paint is often reduced or even completely eliminated with the help of high quality paints.

8. Stick Resistance

High quality paints produce smooth finish that lets the paint coating to be much lesser susceptible to sticking.

9. Resistant to Mildew

High quality paints have better mildew resistant agents. All of us do not want mildew to buildup on the surfaces of our homes or building. Therefore, in order to eliminate it, you should go for a much higher quality of paint.

10. Resistant to Fading

In order to make sure that the quality of the color of your paint stays in a longer period of time just as you want it, you can use a higher quality paint that is one hundred percent acrylic latex. This is because these types of paints have the ability to maintain their fresh appearance for many years.

Having read all the benefits of using high quality paints to your commercial or residential property, make sure that you only hire a professional painting contractor such as professional painters Arlington Heights since they have the access to highest quality paints, not to mention they are experienced and skilled enough to get the job done right the first time.

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How Paint Coatings Affect the Value of Your Home

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Preparing your home to sell by fixing it up can seem like a very overwhelming job. Have you just given your house a fresh paint coating? If you haven’t done it yet, this is might be the right time to consider doing so. In this article, you will be able to learn how a coat of paint can generally affect the value of your home.

Paint Coatings

Coats of Many Colors

Unless the exterior of your house requires a little cosmetic touch up or the drywall is dented or chipped, the paint should not dramatically reduce its value. However, it can send potential home buyers running before they get a chance to look at your house entirely. Furthermore, what home buyers really want is to see the best that your house has to offer, and it is certainly not easy to catch attention if the exterior paint of your house is chipped or faded, or the bathroom has an obnoxious lime green color.

Luckily, homeowners have a wide array of paint coating colors to choose from for both exterior and interior paints, and repainting with the help of professional painting contractors such as professional painters Arlington Heights is one of the simplest, most cost effective, and easiest kind of home improvement projects.

Importance of Neutral Interior Paint Selection

When you are planning to retouch the paint of the interior of your home, you might need to set aside your personal preferences, most especially if you tend to like bright or bold colors. A house will look more professional, show better, and attract most potential home buyers if the fresh paints of your house are in neutral shades. This can let prospective home buyers imagine how their own fixtures and furnishings will look with your home’s current paint coating.

Neutral shades of paint do not have to be really boring and you can surely steer clear of whites. Creams and warm beiges are also some of the most popular neutral colors and they certainly look perfect with any decoration.

Effects of Exterior Paint to Curb Appeal

Try putting yourself in the shoes of a stranger and think about the impression that the exterior color of your home can make. Again, staying neutral is the key, with the most sought after home exterior colors like shades of cream, brown or gray. A hint of attractive details will also pop out without contrasting with the neutral colors. This can be a stunning red front door or a forest green shutters or trim.

Once you have finished your home’s repainting project, stand back and love your work. With highly strategic splashes of color as well as buyer friendly neutral colors, the potential of selling your home will dramatically increase.

When you are planning to increase the value of your home, it is best that you choose the right color for your interior and exterior painting by keeping in mind that you should stick with neutral shades. It is also important that you only hire an experienced painting contractor in order to make sure that the repainting project will be successful.

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Reasons You Should Paint Your Home

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Painting your home with high quality paint and with the help of a professional painting contractor like professional painters Arlington Heights protects your home from abrasion, UV light, chemical attack as well as other environmental factors like moisture and extreme solar. Protective high quality paint coatings are actually very effective in protecting buildings. As a matter of fact, there are numerous paints that are used in protecting different surface or objects. This is the reason why it’s very imperative to select exterior painting that is a best fit for the project that you are planning to get done and you should also put into consideration the protection level that a certain coating can give to your home. If your main purpose is to protect your home’s surface, try using a high performance exterior paint that has high effectiveness when it comes to protecting the component of your home. In this article, you will be able to learn some of the many reasons why you need to paint your home.


Improves the Functionality of Your Home

Painting can significantly improve a wide range of functional characteristics of your home. A lot of homeowners, for example, spend too much money in cooling and heating their homes. While roof and wall coating generally provides reflectivity, which means it helps you save the energy that you could have used in cooling your house. The new technology, IR Reflective pigments, can even be incorporated into your preferred paint in order to cool your roof more than just using a white coating. This nanotechnology provides unique pigments and additives that bring exclusive functional properties to paint, enhancing the aesthetic properties and functionality of your wall’s surface.

Apart from that, non-skid protective paints are also used to prevent slipping and there are other exterior paint colors as well that are used to identify hazard. Overall, the coatings can be formulated in order to provide certain functional properties, which are required to provide solutions as well as improve your home.

Environmental friendly

Due to climate change and global warming, most paint manufactures chose to move away from paints that are solvent base since these paints can cause detrimental effects on the environment and they instead turned to much safer waterborne coatings. Aside from that, there are other paint manufacturers as well that were able to produce paints that can help improve the quality of air as well as save on energy consumption.

Economy Wise

Certainly, paints can help you save money since you do not have to spend too much money in cleaning your home anymore. One example to prove this is that paint coatings prevent the growth of weeds that can be very costly to eradicate. Aside from that, it’s also much easier to clean paint coated surfaces since the paint is protecting surfaces from stains. Moreover, painting prevents dirt and grime from setting deeply into the surface.

Now that you have probably understand all the benefits paint can offer to your home, it is best that you use high quality paint to the surface of your home and you should only trust a professional painting contractor in order to get the job done right the first time.

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